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Introducing the Girouard Vines Wine

Two New Wines From George Girouard Hybrids

Girouard Vines Winery is proud to announce the new wine brand, Girouard Vines. These new wines are produced from four new hybrid grape varietals and are the product of a Girouard family project that began 50 years ago.

In the 1960s, our founder Chris Girouard’s father, George Girouard, began growing wine-grapes in the backyard of their Oklahoma City home. George had a dream of cross-pollinating traditional European grapes with wild Native American grapes to breed a new hardy, great tasting wine-grape.

Forty-years and thousands and thousands of seedlings later, George Girouard selected four crosses (new hybrid varietals) which he believed had enough promise to warrant commercial testing. The four varieties that George selected from those grapevine crosses where eventually named By George, Valjohn, Plymouth and Southern Cross.

And finally, after all these years, Girouard Vines winery proudly announces the commercial release of two wines in the new “Girouard Vines” wine brand - a Dry Rosé and a hearty Red Wine – both blends of wine produced 100% from George Girouard Hybrids that were grown in the winery’s Girouard Block plot in the Heringer Estates vineyard in Clarksburg, California.

The Girouard Vines Red Wine is a blend of George Girouard Hybrids “Valjohn” (60%) and “Southern Cross” (40%) and the Rosé is a blend of George Girouard Hybrids “By George” (60%) and “Plymouth” (40%).

"This unique wine is not just new to our winery – it’s new to the world." Jan Girouard, President and COO

The individual Girouard Vines wines may be explored in more detail by clicking here “Girouard Vines Wine Brand”.

Girouard Vines and Tulsa Deco wines may be purchased in Oklahoma liquor stores. 

Girouard Vines tasting room is open each Friday and Saturday from 5:00 - 10:00 or email for reservation Monday - Saturday. (817 East 3rd St). 

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